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Placed as an accent piece to any landscape project, boulders can serve as not only a distinctive landmark, but...

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If your vision is to capture a natural/ rustic look that only mother nature and the four seasons of the mid-sou...

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Simply call or come by to schedule delivery for you residential home or mountain get away during you stay...

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Flagstone (meaning "slab") is a natural hidden treasure that is quarried and extracted from beneath the earth...

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Our hardwood mulch is an excellent, rich alternative to pine straw that is also rich in color with a multi purp...

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Pea Gravel

A variety of brown pea gravel sizes are available at Haywood Rock Yard! Sizes include (1/2" - 3/4"|3/4" - 1 1/2"...

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Railroad Ties

Haywood Rock Yard offers railroad ties as a cost effective solution for all kinds projects and applications.

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River Rock

Rocks that have been smoothed by the tumbling forces of the rushing waters of natural rivers and creeks for sev...

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